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About me

Tammy is an experienced and versatile singer with over 25 years of professional singing & dancing performances both locally & globally. With early training in local performance schools, she was already an accomplished singer and dancer before completing her formal music education at Box Hill College of Music.

She has maintained performance residencies in a number of locations throughout Melbourne with numerous jazz trios, as well as performing in large gospel choirs, a cappella ensembles, and rock cover bands!

Tammy credits her broad range of experiences in various musical settings with having established a very solid foundation in good singing technique, and understanding the important musical structures that most music is based around.

As a teacher, she always creates a very warm, safe (holding a current Working With Children Check) and supportive environment for children to feel comfortable, but also challenging enough that they can develop the self-confidence needed to sing in front of a crowd!

Tammy's singing lessons (based in the inner south eastern suburbs of Melbourne) specialise in Pop, Contemporary, Jazz, Blues & Rock - teaching all age children, from beginners to experienced.


There are lots of benefits for children learning to sing!

  • Singing is perfectly designed for training children’s listening skills; good listening skills and school achievement go hand in hand.
  • Self-confidence is a natural by-product of learning to sing, but once developed, it is a quality that children maintain for the rest of their lives.
  • Singing is a creative experience which involves expression of feelings. Children often do not have the words to express themselves and need positive ways to release their emotions, which singing can provide.
  • Singing with music evokes movement; children delight in & require movement for their development and growth.
  • Musically, singing is a GREAT way to teach children about the fundamental structures of music such as tone, beat & rhythm.

Most importantly, singing is a fun way to be expressive, engaging, and energetic all at the same time!


The structures of my singing lessons follow proven methods that keep children engaged, challenged & motivated to keep learning.

My lessons are held for no longer than 30 minutes at a time, and consists of:

    • Warm-ups & vocal exercises
    • Technique
    • Song practice

An important key to success is for children to bring along their favourite song to the lessons, so we can use their material as both a teaching & motivational tool for children to practice along with. In addition, I select other songs to support specific areas of development a student may need to focus on.

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